problem with balsa from cygwin-ports

Sorry for cross posting, but I'm relly not sure if this is an underlying balsa issue, a cygwin-ports specific issue, or just something in my configuration.

I'm using balsa 2.4.10 from cygwin-ports under Windows Vista Home Basic. Overall, it seems to be working just fine, and I finally got both receiving and sending (via yahoo mail) working. However, I can only receive mail once. If I try a second time, the console says "Already Checking Mail."

Is there any debugging I can do? I had previously tried compiling my own version of balsa with the cygwin toolchain, and was getting some strange errors - however, I also got them with the packaged version and got rid of them with a rebaseall. I just have not yet tried compiling again since then.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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