Re: Outgoing message truncated at dot wrapped on single line

libesmtp is nearly 10 years old; I'd be surprised if it has a dot
stuffing bug that has only come to light now but you never know.

Sounds reasonable, especially when you compare it to Lavabit's server software: "For incoming SMTP and POP connections, we use a custom e-mail server developed by the Lavabit programming team." ( ) The Lavabit people seem to do a very good job, but a 10-year-old (I take your word for it), established OS software is more trustworthy than any company's custom solution, I think.

So  I am going to contact the Lavabit admins . . . oh, wait:
"The friendly engineer whose been answering your questions has moved onto a more profitable endeavor; and were afraid that doesn't leave anybody available to monitor the suggestion box. The rest of our team is hard at work finishing a new version of our mail platform. So while we push towards a launch date and search for the right person to take over as spokesperson, we'll just have to disable this contact form." ( ) I guess I will have to wait . . . and find a workaroung for using Balsa with Lavabit.


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