Re: preferred app question

On 2011.10.02 14:33, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 02.10.2011 20:22:20, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
With Nautilus

Unfortunately Balsa and Nautilus may treat the same file as different mimetypes. That's because Balsa "doesn't see" the file extension. This is the reason why many of docx files are handled as zip archives. (This same file saved to the filesystem is distinguished as docx by Nautilus).
I'll post more once I've found a solution that works for me - but I can think of at least three ways to determine what a file is. Balsa uses (apparently) only the mime type as specified in the message by the software that created the message and attached the file. This is usually sufficient, although I have seen windows based mailers use mime types that have made me scratch my head in wonder. Then there is the file extension. Finally, there is the "file" command, which actually looks at the first two bytes (and sometimes more) to determine the type. (see "man magic" for more on this file)

Part of my original confusion here is whether the file handler(s) for a mime type are DE specific, which is why I had tried to use gnome-control-center, and didn't understand why it didn't seem to have any effect. I will later try the KDE mechanism, and then also the "open as" property trick in both Nautilus and Dolphin.


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