Re: preferred app question

Hi Jack and Ildar,

On Oct  1, 2011, at 10:41 PM, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 02.10.2011 02:51:49, Jack Ostroff (CT D8 TC) wrote:
I just received an email, with an attached wmv file. Looking at the message parts, it shows as Windows Media video, which seems good. However, selecting it only offers "Open part with gmplayer" or "Save part."
Where should I configure this stuff?

This, again, is the MIME staff. And it's configured differently in different distros. Balsa just follows system settings.
Probably asking your distro gurus would yield better results.

Agreed, it is all connected with mime-types. But ISTR cases where the two mechanisms offered inconsistent choices, too. The button that's shown when you select a part offers the app that is suggested by g_app_info_get_default_for_type(); the right-click menu for the "Message parts" tree begins with this app, and adds any other that's suggested by g_app_info_get_all_for_type().

With Nautilus, the default app is set by selecting a file of the relevant type, then 'Properties':'Open with' on the context menu for that file--which I find really obscure, but is apparently acceptable to the UI gurus. The other apps might be found by searching *.desktop files for apps that declare that they can handle the mime-type--I'm not sure. How it's all handled with other file managers is a mystery to me.



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