preferred app question

I'm sure I should be able to figure this out, but maybe I just haven't had enough sleep.

I just received an email, with an attached wmv file. Looking at the message parts, it shows as Windows Media video, which seems good. However, selecting it only offers "Open part with gmplayer" or "Save part." The problem is that I have not had gmplayer installed in ages. If I go back to the list of parts and right click on it, I get a list of three possible players to use (as well as save) which does include my preferred player. If I run gnome-default-applications-properties, either directly or through gnome-control-center (I'm on a mainly KDE system) the default media player is Totem movie player (which is installed) but even if I change that to my preferred app (vlc) I still only get gmplayer offered.

Where should I configure this stuff?

Thanks for any hints or suggestions.


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