Second instance with separate configuration and directory

Good day.

In my second week of evaluating Balsa, first with v. 2,49, now with
v. 2.10.

Although it has a few rough edges, overall it seems fairly stable and 

With the other MUA's that I have used it is possible to open more than one 
instance simultaneously by adding a command line flag, creating separate 
configuration files and, optimally, separate directories for each instance.

Have not found any similar command line switch for Balsa.

Tried hanging the $HOME environmental variable before invoking Balsa.  
Balsa ignored it completely and used the standard ~/.balsa/config file 

Am able to run separate instances (but not simultaneously) by linking 
different directories to ~/.balsa before invoking the binary.  Although 
this works, it is cumbersome and sub-optimal.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


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