Re: Oddness with KDE addressbook

On 2010.12.13 19:34, Jack wrote:
I doubt this is actually a balsa issue, but maybe someone else has seen this and already solved it. I have a mostly KDE system, so my address book is in ~/.kde4/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf. Most of the time, this works just fine, and balsa correctly suggests names as I type in the TO: field.

[snipped unpredictable problem with line endings]

My new problem is that balsa seems to be picking up the FN: entry. I use "last, first" as my default display, which is in the file as "FN:last\, first" and starting recently, balsa has been showing the display name as "last\\,first <email@host>" and when I click or tab out of the TO: field, it breaks it into two addresses "last" and "first <email@host>". I haven't updated balsa in a few months, so I assume it's related to some change on the KDE side - although kaddressbook looks like it also hasn't changed in over a month.

This problem continues to bother me, but every time I think I clearly understand what is happening, I think I see something different. The main problem seems to be that balsa takes the FN value of "FN:last\, first" and create an address line of "last\\, first <name@host>" (quotes added by me - not in the address) adding a backslash to quote the backslash, but not quoting the name. I vaguely recall some cases where it creates '"last, first" <name@host>' possibly with one or more backslashes before the comma, but with quotes around the "last, first" which prevents the name from being split into two address entries.

Am I missing some configuration setting? Is there a configuration setting I could request as a wish-list? I don't want to change my FN entries, since I like my addressbook display values sorted by last name. (If there is some configuration I'm missing in KAddressBook, I'll be glad to know about it.) Right now I have to manually fix every address that balsa pulls from the address book.

Thanks for any hints or suggestions.


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