Re: Forwarding inline with attachments

On 2011.01.02 18:34, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Happy New Year!

I have always forwarded messages as attachments, and until recently have had no complaints. However, one correspondent has trouble reading them (iPhone can't read complex Mime structures?), so I've had to start using forward-inline. But Balsa only quotes the original message, and ignores any attachments. Saving them somewhere and manually attaching them is possible, of course, but a PITA.

I understand that some other mailers offer only a "forward" command, which is actually forward-inline, but that they automatically attach to the forwarded message any attachments from the original. That seems like a more natural, and more complete, way of interpreting "forward-inline". If the original has attachments that the user does *not* want attached, it's easy to remove them--much easier than getting them attached in the current setup.

Should Balsa behave like those other mailers?  Opinions?
Unless I'm thinking of something completely different, I thought that this has been discussed before, with the danger of too easily being able to spread around dangerous attachments being the core of why Balsa did NOT automatically, or even easily, forward attachments.

That said, I'm not personally against it, but perhaps the default should be to not forward attachments, but allowing for a way to do so easily - sort of how it currently works for multiple text portions of a message.


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