Re: Gtk3 update

On 01/23/2011 10:40:39 AM Sun, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Dear List,

Gtk3 is inching closer!  I'm currently using Rawhide packages for gtk3-2.99.2 and glib2-2.27.91, so -3.0 and -2.28 must be just around the corner :)

Balsa's gtk3 branch is keeping up.  The Gtk update in early January broke a few things, with much of the GtkStyle API deprecated in favor of GtkStyleContext, but it builds again now.  Still no GtkSpell, and still only WebKit as an HTML engine.

News: The Gtk-3-aware version of GtkHtml-3 is GtkHtml-4, and that is now a configure option[1]. my testing, while it displays an HTML part successfully, it crashes when moving on to another message--YMMV.

[1] --with-html-widget=(no|gtkhtml2|gtkhtml4|webkit), default is still webkit

Testing and bug reports encouraged!

Even more so!

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