Re: Cannot connect to...

On 04/07/2011 01:21:56 PM, Anne Vanhoest wrote:


Apology if this question seems rather simple, but I am trying to set a
second remote IMAP folder and "it's not working".
I am trying to set up balsa to read my work emails from 2 different
remote servers.

I have added the first one with the wizard when I first ran balsa, and
this works well.

But, when I try to add the second server as a remote IMAP folder, I get an
error message (Scanning failed ... cannot connect to .. Check

I can remove the first added server, and add it again and it works

As far as I can tell, I am connected to the network from behind some
firewall, and the 1st server might also be behind this firewall, while the second may not be. I would be happy to check this if you told me how to.

Does you second server uses imap over SSL? You may want to check this option in the "Advanced" tab of the remote imap folder configuration.

You could also run balsa from the command line with option '-D' to find out whether the connection to the second server is established at all. Option -D makes balsa print in the terminal window the debugging data.

I hope this helps,


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