Re: compile help, please

On 03/31/2010 09:16:38 PM, Jack wrote:
I had a working copy of the git repository for testing things a few months ago. I just went to test the new size column fixes, and I have apparently completely messed up my copy. I started from scratch (git clone and pull) but still can't get it compiled. The instructions on the web site start with checking out the git source, and then mention cvs in the compile instructions, so I'm not sure if they are right or not. (they mention autogen, not

./ complains about missing .m4 files, and any attempt at .configure ends with a complaint about not finding libnm_glib.\

Is there a recent set of instructions on compiling the source from git available?

Thanks for any pointers.

Not much has changed recently wrt building. I think ./ %&& ./configure --without-nm should do the work for you. (nm=NetworkManager support; it is nice to have but not obligatory),


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