Re: Save - tiny enhancement request

On 2010.07.12 09:07, Jack wrote:
On 2010.07.12 02:28, Helmut Jarausch wrote:
I' d like to propose a tiny enhancement to the Save option from the right mouse button menu ( in the message window )

Please offer an option to append to an existing file or let it be the default action, instead overwriting it.

While I like that idea, it would be a completely invalid action for most file types (especially binary) so it would either need to check whether it's reasonable for the file type, or else have an annoying "are you sure" action. One other option would be to make a backup of the already existing file.

The following was sent directly to me, and not the list, but is probably relevant.

What's the use case for appending? Also, there is a method for doing that with the current interface. The "pipe through" option saves the last command used with "pipe through", so if I right click and choose "pipe through" the default command is: cat >>/tmp/the_email - AKA append.
Ray Morris
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