Re: IMAP with Domino

On 28.08.2009 02:51:28, Pawel Salek wrote:
On 08/27/2009 08:39:03 AM, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 27.08.2009 01:35:30, Pawel Salek wrote:
Can you please check whether the attached patch fixes the problem?
I can see all the folders now. That's encouraging.
_But_ for an IMAP with prefix set there still is a problem.
	prefix: public\info
IMAP C: 5 LIST "public\info" ""
I have pushed an updated version of the patch that should handle this correctly. Thanks for testing!

Nope. Doesn't work. (with prefix)
Additionally folder names like "somebody/Domain" look like "Domain" in the Mbox tree view. (i.e. Left Pane).

Sorry for the delay: I had a vacation.
Best regards, Ildar
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