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On 11/08/2009 02:44:00 PM Sun, MK wrote:
On Sat, 07 Nov 2009 20:26:04 -0500
Peter Bloomfield <peterbloomfield bellsouth net> wrote:
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That's a new one to me! We've had several reports (and personal experiences!) of recent Xorg causing Balsa to crash, but not of Balsa causing Xorg to crash. Are there any hints in, for instance, Xorg.?.log about the crashes?

Could be. Xorg.log does not disclose anything, perhaps I need to set the debug level higher. Generally it dumps this stuff to console and there is a clear chain reaction (apps disappear one at a time suddenly) but balsa (or gkrellm...) is always first, and it is my impression that this does not happen when balsa is not running.

I'm guessing the console messages include "Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server", which is what others and I have seen.

Keep in mind, as I said, my environment is very "non-standard" and did involve forcing some packages because the dependencies were source built (and probably not the same way as the corresponding package) so there is ample room for any number of complications. Which that is my problem more than yours!

Anyway, for now I am trying out sylpheed (gasp! sorry...) as it has fewer dependencies and was not intended for gnome integration, which is something I neither want nor need. But thanks for balsa, up to now it has served me well for years!

I've no interest in starting a pissing match! But...Balsa can be built with fewer dependencies than in the past. It's even usable on Mac OS-X! In particular, it will build --without-gnome, and can use libunique to enforce single-instances, instead of the (soon to be?) deprecated BonoboActivation.

Just trying to be helpful...


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