Re: open link in browser fails if message is HTML

On 05/12/2009 03:05:39 PM Tue, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
Hi Peter,

I've exactly the same behaviour as you have described.
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Le 12/05/2009 19:24:24, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
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Attached is an html-only message that shows the webkit problem, for me at least: links in the alternate-colored rows don't respond, but the ones more prominently displayed, like "Now is the time..", do. Can you verify that? If so, I'll file a bug.

FWIW: the difference in that message seems to be that if a link is supposed to open in a new window (specifically, has the attribute 'target="_blank"'), it will not respond to clicking. I've added a comment to that effect in the bug <URL:>. Not sure if there's a fix--WebKit support /is/ still labeled "experimental"!


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