Re: Sending duplicate e-mails

On 03/16/2009 09:18:17 PM, elwell1 verizon net wrote:
Using, balsa, I have started sending multiple copies of e-mails. One e-mail account doesn't mind & passes the duplicates right through to the recipients, but my verizon account generates what balsa identifies as a submission problem, except every week or so, when it decides to let the messages through.

I am sure this is not balsa's fault, but I need some help in figuring out how to fix it (Verizon only does Windows). Can anyone advise me on where to look and what to look for to see what is happening between the time I hit "send" and my system sends 2 or 3 copies?

The first thing to check is whether they all thave the same Message-ID header. I cannot directly see how this could have have happen. Could you please also report balsa version, and whether you compiled it yourself (what configuration options did you use), or which distribution you use.


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