Re: Fatal IO error 11

Hi Geoffrey!

On 07/26/2009 03:34:51 PM Sun, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
I'm running locally-compiled 2.4.0, and I'm seeing lots of "Fatal IO
error 11". I understand that this is outside of Balsa's control. Is
there any data that might be useful that I might be collecting?

Is that from the tarball or git? There's a patch in git that cut down the frequency of those errors hugely for me, although it didn't completely eliminate them. I'm currently using git + the second patch <URL:> on the bug <URL:>, and haven't had the error in a while (a week? two weeks?).

As to collecting data: generally, stack traces are helpful, but...that doesn't seem to be the case with this one--the error usually seems to happen in a display-update callback, and the trace doesn't contain the call that triggered the update. But if you can figure out what's going on when you get the error, that would probably be the most useful info.



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