Re: balsa crashing a lot

On 02/26/2009 02:14:54 AM, Bruno Miguel wrote:

I've just compiled the latest version of balsa (2.3.28) in Debian
Testing and set it up with my 6 email accounts. But, it's crashing a
lot, specially when I try to open an Imap folder where I have about
99.7% of the emails of my main account.
I don't know if this has something to do with me running compiz, but I
also experienced this behavior without it.

Attached is the IMAP debug

I assume you get a segfault, don't you? Can you please try running balsa under a debugger and reporting the stacktrace, as described at

by the way, in balsas website 2.3.28 is the latest version mentioned,
but the download link points to 2.3.27.

Thanks for pointing this out. I have just corrected the number there. /Pawel

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