Bug#553213: Backtraces

Hi Karl:

On 12/17/2009 09:09:43 PM Thu, Karl O. Pinc wrote:
[ snip ]
I was definitely responding to messages with content.

Sorry, I was imprecise--I meant that the object that Balsa uses to represent a message had a NULL value for the pointer to the object that represents the message content--quite different from having no content!

I suspect a race in the 'which message is selected' code when a new message arrives and a reply button is pressed, but that's a guess.

If the new message is inserted into a thread in which some messages are selected, that can result in a message being deselected, so there can be interactions between new mail arrival and message selection. But it's not obvious from the code how that could result in the NULL pointer problem. For now, the only fix that I see is what we have currently: issue a warning and continue without retrieving the message content.

FWIW: the code to detect and warn about the issue, avoiding the crash, was installed in August last year, so the possibility of a NULL pointer was known back then. However, I don't recall seeing the warning, so possibly some other change in more recent Balsa has fixed the underlying problem.



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