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	Hello, balsa users.

First of all, Merry Christmas!
Have a good holidays and Peace on you all.

I recently read the [1] and was thinking about my Balsa usage.

I guess that most of you use Balsa as a MUA for Internet communities, personal e-mailing and mailing lists (like this one).

I myself use it for all of this and BUSINESS e-mailing. But I found that Balsa doesn't suite very well for business e-mailing.
1. Modern business uses top-posting [1].
  Top-posting is not well-supported.
  a. signature should be inserted to the top
b. "quoting" should be done in different way - not by adding ">" in the beginning (one of the alternatives is in point (2a) later in the text)
  *. all these things should be customizable on per-account basis.

2. HTML support should be more extensive
This is a consequence of (1) Top-posting. With current weak HTML support Top-posting is ugly and hard to use. a. quoting made with HTML may be very, very useful. See modern forums for examples. b. HTML part that is quoted should not be corrupted as it is now. It's probably possible to insert it unchanged into the resulting HTML part (surrounded by <div class="quote">) c. Maybe it would be nice to have a possibility to use a HTML WYSIWYG / WYSIWYM editing. (I don't mean to encourage users to use Balsa as "Yet another Outlook". But /sometimes/ it's useful.) *. BTW generated HTML could also be improved: e.g. _underlined_ and /italic/ and some other features could be translated to HTML part.

What do you think?

Thanks and best regards,


Ildar  Mulyukov,  free SW designer/programmer
email: ildar users sourceforge net
ALT Linux Sisyphus

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