Re: filter problem in message list

Hi Peter,

On 2009.12.19 22:14, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 12/19/2009 01:53:29 PM Sat, Jack wrote:

I have found an odd behavior in Balsa (2.4.1 under Gentoo Linux, with KDE desktop and minimal gnome libs). If I type something in the filter box (defaulting to "Subject or Sender Contains:") it correctly filters the list of messages. However, if I then change what is in the box and hit the button, nothing happens. If I clear the box and hit the button, the filter correctly shows all messages, and I can then enter something else to apply a new filter. This happens with any of the filters (subject, body, ...)

I've done some searching and have not found any similar problems reported. Any thoughts on what to check - or is this a known issue?

Thanks for raising the issue!

I'd noticed it myself, but never tracked it down. The cause was that Balsa didn't recognize that the filter had been changed, due to some faulty logic in the way filters were compared. Fixed in git master...


Thanks for confirming I wasn't just imagining things! I'll probably have to wait until the next release finds it's way into Gentoo, but I'll compile from git if I get some free time.


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