Re: Segfault while leaving [SVN]


Le 16/12/2009 19:50:32, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :


>This looks like the same bug as in  
> msg00025.html>.
>I see it quite often myself--in gdb, it's always somewhere in malloc,
>always results from a corrupt struct malloc_chunk, pointed to by
>I've used MALLOC_CHECK_ to try to find the corrupter, and also
>with no success.  However it happens, it's below their respective 
> radar screens.


Yes, I had reported myself this problem in the past.
It is a bit strange because depending (maybe) on the svn progression it 
is there or not.
I suspected for a time my hardware. But in the meantime I've changed 
about evrything (motherboard / processor / memory)…

If I run balsa from alleyoop (a gnome frontend from valgrind), I can 
see things like this (while it seems to me everything is right):

==23735== Thread 3:
==23735== Invalid write of size 8
==23735==    at 0x09a1e90f: AES_cbc_encrypt (in /usr/lib/
==23735==    by 0x00000003: ???
==23735==    Address 0x1f631400 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) 

Is it the kind of things you are looking for?



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