Re: getting started with Balsa, but with very special constraints

On 04/30/2009 04:49:37 AM, Paul E Condon wrote:

I am composing this email using Emacs, and it will be sent from Mutt
to Exim4 on my computer to a smarthost run by my ISP. I fetch my mail
from you ISP's POP server with fetchmail run by cron. All this is on a
Debian Lenny host. And it all already works, but not quite to my
liking. There is an annoying failure to play-well-together between
Mutt and the most recent version of iceweasel/firefox. So ...

I want to make Balsa be a drop-in replacement for Mutt, preferably be
able to run them in parallel, for a while anyway. I know Balsa can
handle many aspects of mail that are not currently being handled by
Mutt in my current setup. But I don't want to abandon Fetchmail, or
Procmail, or Maildir format mail repository, etc.

I use balsa in that configuration for years now. Almost all my mailboxes are
fetchmailed to local files and procmailed. That way I can use mutt if connected
through (silly;) devices like PSP. Balsa and mutt work together with no noticeable

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