Re: Balsa port to gmime-2.4 regression

On 03.01.2009 00:32:19, Pawel Salek wrote:
On 01/02/2009 07:07:10 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Am 02.01.09 18:53 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
So, the question is whether the following string is a properly encoded or not:


I think it's fine - see RFC 2047, sects. 4.2. 'The "Q" encoding' and 8. 'Examples'.

I think the missing space between ']' and =?UTF is a potential problem. The question is whether ']' delimits words or not.


In the current HEAD, which is gmime-2.4-enabled, we still have this problem. Please, apply this patch:;a=commit;h=b63a25dc7000e61421ce654f90df1cd4c39df094

Thank you.
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