Greetings, Balsa users and testers!

Balsa's source code is hosted by Gnome, which has recently migrated from SubVersion to Git. So to get the latest and greatest (and most unstable!) version, you must now use the Git repository; see <URL:> for some pointers.

We've taken advantage of the move to update some of Balsa's dependencies: the main development branch ("master", in Git-speak) now requires GMime-2.4, GLib-2.16, and Gtk-2.14. Balsa's version has been bumped to 2.4.0 to reflect the changes.

GLib-2.16 has been around since Fedora-9 time, and Gtk-2.14 since Fedora-10. GMime-2.4 has been in development for a while, and will see widespread distribution in, for instance, Fedora-11. For users with older installations, a balsa-2-3 branch has been created without the new dependencies; bug-fixes will be back-ported to that branch, but new development will take place on the master branch.

Both branches have experimental code for using WebKit for displaying HTML message parts, instead of GtkHTML-2 or -3, and for using LibUnique instead of BonoboActivation to ensure that only a single instance of Balsa runs for a given user. These are just a couple of ways in which we're working to keep Balsa current. We hope you continue to find Balsa valuable!

For the maintainers,


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