Re: Suddenly unable to log into Exchange IMAP account

On 01/04/09 20:58:31, Pawel Salek wrote:
> If you like, you can remove imap_auth_plain from
> static ImapAuthenticator imap_authenticators_arr[] = {
>   imap_auth_anonymous, /* will be tried only if enabled */
>   imap_auth_gssapi,
>   imap_auth_cram,
>   imap_auth_plain,
>   imap_auth_login, /* login is deprecated */
>   NULL
> in libbalsa/imap/imap-auth.c and see what happens.
It successfully authenticates using LOGIN.

Now if I understand correctly using PLAIN and LOGIN isn't great, NTLM 
also isn't great as it's a closed standard. GSSAPI doesn't seem to work 
either but is supported in some way by both Exchange and Balsa. How 
much work is required to bridge that gap? Or would I be buying a ticket 
to a kicking?


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