Re: Suddenly unable to log into Exchange IMAP account

On 04/01/2009 06:59:41 PM, Simon Brown wrote:
On 01/04/09 17:48:49, Simon Brown wrote:
> Looking at the info I'm guessing that they have changed
> Authentication
Comparing it to the successful mutt debug, mutt seems to be using NTLM
what ever that is.

mutt is *trying* to use NTLM[1]...

4< a0003 NO AUTHENTICATE failed.

And then, it is falling back on LOGIN...

Sending LOGIN command for user ds strath ac uk 4< a0004 OK LOGIN completed.

Balsa does not fall back to weaker authentication schemes. One could argue that LOGIN is not weaker than AUTH PLAIN. LOGIN is however definitely weaker than NTLM.


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