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Hi Johan and Geoffrey:

On 05/06/2008 12:40:35 PM Tue, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
On 05/05/2008 08:15:13 PM, Johan Brannlund wrote:
Hi. I'm mostly really happy with Balsa,

Glad to hear it!

there are just two minor issues left for me in 2.3.21:
1. Reflowing lines (when replying for instance) does not work very well , with some lines ending up very short. Messages with multiple levels of reply markers (> > >) also tend to get screwed up. See http:// for an example.

I can second this.

Reflowing works only if you uncheck "Wrap Outgoing Text" on the "Outgoing" page of the prefs dialog (with that option unchecked, Balsa uses the "Format=flowed" protocol to identify paragraphs that can be reflowed). And then...we had a small bug, the effect of which was that, even if you were composing a flowed message, Balsa was quoting flowed messages as if they were fixed :(

Svn now has a fix for that. So now, if you have a dialog with someone who also uses "Format=flowed", that embarrassing quoting shouldn't happen.

2. Balsa often gets unhappy when the network disappears, such as when suspending a laptop. It goes unresponsive and sometimes manages to recover after a few minutes, but usually it stays unresponsive and I have to kill the program.

I'm running on a laptop (F8) and I'v never seen this behavior.

I do sometimes see this with Balsa after a suspend/resume cycle (Thinkpad T43, F9), and also sometimes with Epiphany. Balsa usually regains consciousness after many seconds--perhaps minutes, I've never actually timed it--but I usually finish up killing Epiphany. Seems it's not specific to Balsa...



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