Re: What am I missing?

On 07/30/2008 09:27:28 AM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
> Le 30.07.2008 17:55:20, Geoffrey Leach a écrit :
> >"Spelling" reports "enchant error for language pt_BR" Enchant??
> Lubenchant manage most of the check spelling.
> This is what says Debian description of libenchant pacckage:
> <<
> A wrapper library for various spell checker engines 
> Enchant is a generic spell checking library which uses existing
> spell checker engines such as ispell, aspell and myspell as its 
> backends.
> Enchant steps in to provide uniformity and conformity on top of these
> libraries, and implement certain features that may be lacking in any
> individual provider library.
> This package contains shared library and program.

Thanks for the reply. Regretably, the Fedora rpm does not specify 
enchant as a prerequsite, so I did not have it installed. Even more 
regretably, once I installed enchant (and restarted balsa) it still 
complains about pt_BR. FWIW, aspell and enchant run fine standalone.  
My enchant.config says "*:aspell"

Anyone have any ideas? And which language is "pt_BR??"

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