Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.3.15 released

On 05/01/2007 12:43:07 PM, Nuno Monteiro wrote:

First, thanks a lot for the feedback - it is really appreciated!

I just compiled 2.3.15 and the threading models under "View" menu aren't working anymore. I did a little bisecting and the commit that appears to break them is r7602: avoid various warnings when prepare-threading is interrupted by exit.

Hm, it works for me - can you describe in more detail what happens?

Another thing I noticed, but never remembered to report until now, is that I get a "You have new mail" notification whenever I open an unread mail in a mailbox, even if that mail has been laying there for weeks or months and the mailbox hasn't had any mail delievered to it in a while. It happened just now, I opened my 'spam' mailbox and opened a three week old spam to check the SA headers and got the notification. It only happens with the first unread mail though, subsequent others don't trigger any popups or notify balloons. This has been happening for a long time now, used to get a popup, which was much more intrusive than the new libnotify balloons, so now it isn't nearly as annoying.

I guess we should look into this... I think having a well defined list of the situations when the notification is supposed to popup and when it definitely should not would help...

And, since we're in bug report mode ;-) I discovered a few days ago that if I change identities while composing a new mail, at first it doesn't appear to want to change the signature to match the identity (the sig for the default identity will remain); eventually, after bouncing around from one identity to the next (i have 5 defined) I end up with two (!!) signatures from the default identity, being that the second one actually changes correctly if I change to another identity yet again.

It seems clearly that the code is not tested for all the possible combinations. I have also a number of identities, some of them have signatures, some of them do not and it seems to work fine. I think it may have something to do with the specific order the operations are done. Do you think you could write down an algorithm to reproduce the problem?


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