Re: compile error with latest svn

On 04/10/2007 07:14:07 PM, Nuno Monteiro wrote:
On 2007-04-10 18:06, Pawel Salek wrote:

[ snip snip]

I can compile current svn just fine on Centos4 (gcc-3.4.6, --with-ssl

--with-ldap) and FC6 (gcc-4.1.1, --with-ssl --with-gtkspell
--with-sqlite --with-gpgme) - what's your config?

Hi Pawel

I used --prefix=/opt --disable-smime --with-compface --with-gpgme --with-gss --with-gtkspell --with-ssl --with-gtksourceview

This is Ubuntu 6.06, gcc 4.0.3, gtk 2.8.20. I can compile 2.3.14 just fine with those options, in fact I'm using it right now.

Does adding
#include <glib.h>
at the top of libbalsa/libbalsa-conf.c
change anything? You glib2 library has gkeyfile.h header? Can you compile a bit older revision r7576? I am trying to narrow down the problem..


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