startup-check and signatures with balsa 2.3.12


since I've updatet to balsa 2.3.12 yesterday, I remarked two smaller problems with balsa.

First, balsa does not check at startup, if there is another instance already running. This can led to problems, I think, if someone sents his mail from two different instances, maybe from different virtual desktops. I can remember, in another version of balsa, this issue was solved. Or am I wrong?

Second, there seems to be something wrong with the identity-option "singatures". In balsa 2.3.8 it was possible to pass a command, e.g. "fortune -n 320" to balsa, so it could take the output and include it into a new mail. Now, you have to chose just a file. Hmmm... a little bit confusing. How can I tell balsa now, that it has to include the output of a command with special options? For now, I solved this problem only by editing the balsa- config ("SignaturePath=").

Ciao, Uwe.

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