Re: Feature: is it possible to remove an attachement?

În data de Lu, 30 ian 06 la 22:14, Albrecht Dreß a scris:
Am 30.01.06 20:10 schrieb(en) Mişu Moldovan:
Hmmm, afaik threading works for replies only, but they don't contain the original attachments? Can you be more specific about the workflow you're thinking of?

Well, I've noticed that removing an attachment by editing it as a draft you lose not only the "From:" header but also the "References:" and "In-Reply-To:" headers which will break threading when moving the message back to the original sub-folder.

Hmm, I cannot reproduce that. I copied a message into Draft, removed an attachment and sent it to myself localhost, and it was added properly in the thread, with both headers being there. I used the latest CVS 2.3.10. I think this is more like usual create and postpone, btw.

I've moved the message directly from one IMAP sub-folder to another by dragging and dropping with the mouse (the Drafts folder is also an IMAP sub-folder in my configuration). I haven't sent the edited message back to myself.

Of course, this is only for a message that is part of a thread.

Well, my question was more about a situation when you actually need to remove an attachment. The only workflow I could think of was

- you receive a message with attachment's a, b and c;
- you want to forward that message as attachment, but only with, say, attachment b, i.e. you must find a way to remove a and c.

But you might still choose to save attachment b to disk, forward the message inline (which doesn't add any attachments) and attach b to the new message. Unfortunately, you will loose the envelope and (if any) a RFC2633/RFC3156 signature here.

Did I get your point here?

I was thinking rather of situations in which you are interested only in the plain-text part of a mail, but not it's attachment(s). In order to save some space, you might want to remove unwanted attachments. I am happy without such an option, but I think this is what Jean-Luc asked for. I realize such a treatment would break MIME signed mails, which is very bad.


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