ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.3.10 released


Balsa team proudly announces the release of balsa-2.3.10[1] available at

You can download balsa-2.3.10 directly from (built on FC3)

It will also be soon available in FedoraExtras development repository.

The src.rpm file includes gmime and is ready for immediate building.
Building from tarball requires earlier installation of gmime library.
Gmime library is available from or directly at
Observe that upgrade to gmime-2.1.9 or newer is required to properly use GPG-related features.

Major highlights of this balsa release wrt 2.3.8 are:
- local mailbox opening acceleration.
- composed message saving and postponing UI improvements.
- fix mailbox locking regressions.
- GtkSpell improvements.

$ sha1sum balsa-2.3.10*
7b9e881c88925de6bca5484ef19a9e839eb44d67  balsa-2.3.10-1.i386.rpm
ced27c9e11f61f0e06f056d1fecd3fe22ebba31d  balsa-2.3.10-1.src.rpm
74315661721a7b222403988b2af8fbc690c1ddc4  balsa-2.3.10.tar.bz2

Happy mailing!

[1] 2.3.9 was never officially announced.

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