Unknown encoding in headers

Hi all,

I've recently received a couple of messages with unknown encoding in headers that look like this:

To: "Mi\272u Moldovan" <dumol gnome ro>\r
Subject: Re: standardul de tastatur\343 \356n WinVista\r

While other mail clients that I've tried (Mozilla Mail 1.7.12, Sylpheed 2.2.0beta4, Sylpheed Claws 2.0.0rc3) decode using either ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8, Balsa just displays the following:

Destinatar:	"=?x-unknown?B?TWm6dQ==?= Moldovan" <dumol gnome ro>
Subiect:	Re: standardul de =?x-unknown?B?dGFzdGF0dXLjIO5u?=

Granted, the sender used a broken MUA (PMMail 2000 Professional 2.20.2717), but Balsa should have tried it's best to decode the above gibberish, it even has a special setting instructing it to use a user-defined encoding when none is specified. For now, this is used when encountering 8-bit characters in body and there is no encoding specified in the headers. Shouldn't this be extended to non-ASCII characters in headers without a specified encoding, like the above example?

On related notes I've recently tried the latest Sylpheed and Sylpheed Claws mail clients and I have some ideas that apply to Balsa also. Are you interested in hearing them?



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