Re: Virtual Trash Folder

On 09/18/2005 05:01:41 PM, Craig Routledge wrote:
Back in Januray there was a thread entitled
 "Re: 'Delete' v. 'Move to trash'".

for the start of the thread.

The idea was to collapse the two different kinds of delete into one while preserving existing functionality. This would be less confusing to new users and would simplify the interface. It could also be the basis for generic user-definable virtual folders.

My understanding is that it would go something like this:

* actual messages remain in their original mailbox with
  deleted flag set
* Trash is no longer a real mailbox, but an index consisting
  of pointers to messages marked as deleted in the various
* keep the "Hide (/unhide) messages marked as deleted"

Correct on all three points.

* deleting from Trash folder permanently deletes message

That's an possibility - apart from the fact that IMAP does not support selective expunge of messages[1], only entire mailboxes - but perhaps this could be solved differently.


- what about non-local mailboxes and synchronization?

IMAP mailboxes introduce no new problems as far as I can see.

   - do we keep a persistent state?

Persistent state is equally difficult for local and non-local mailboxes? It's possibly easier for IMAP because one could just remember UIDVALIDITY/UID pairs while there is no easy way to do the same for local mailboxes (unless we assume balsa is the only client - perhaps that's not such a bad assumption).

   - do we have a lazy update? (items don't appear in
     Trash until remote mailbox is checked?)

It's a question of taste but I would rather not make the update obligatory.

   - other ideas?

- still use expunge (per mailbox), or just "Empty Trash"
  (all mailboxes)?


- what about same message in two different mailboxes?
   - should be okay if both are clearly labeled in terms
     of originating mailbox

I do not know... I have more questions: How do you uniquely identify a message? What about procmail/sieve delivering copies of the same message to different mailboxes?


You asked many good questions that are not so easy to answer :). Also, another question to ask is: what do we really win by doing it? You named virtual folders - and that's probably the biggest advantage. In principle, IO load could decrease (apart from the potential problems with tracking deleted messages between sessions) but was it ever a problem?


[1] unless UIDPLUS extension is present.

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