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Hi, Peter,

On 10/02/2005 02:49:15 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Andreas!

On 09/25/2005 05:48:20 AM Sun, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
3) Is there some way to mark folders that have mboxes with new mail more obviously? It's just too easy not to notice the italics in treeview, so marking such folders/mboxes with a different color or style (e.g. italics+bold) would be helpful.

Yes, they are easy to miss. But: color is difficult to get right for all themes, and has a11y issues; and we already use bold to indicate a mailbox that has new mail, and mailboxes can double up as folders,

Well, at least here folders containing mboxes with new mail are shown in italics while the mboxes are bold. So why not making both folders and mboxes with new mail bold? Seems to be the easiest way to attract attention.

so that doesn't seem to work either. Perhaps a different icon? GTK_STOCK_GO_FORWARD would place an arrow pointing at the folder name--that should attract your attention!

Of course, that probably would work as well... Anything that's hard to miss would make me one happy guy! ;-)

Thanks, and have a nice Sunday,

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