Re: Feature requests ;-)

Hi Andreas!

On 09/25/2005 05:48:20 AM Sun, Andreas Schmidt wrote:

just some things I noticed lately in balsa 2.3.4-1. (I know there's a new version out, but it hasn't hit Debian/sid yet).
[ other suggestions snipped ]
3) Is there some way to mark folders that have mboxes with new mail more obviously? It's just too easy not to notice the italics in treeview, so marking such folders/mboxes with a different color or style (e.g. italics+bold) would be helpful.

Yes, they are easy to miss. But: color is difficult to get right for all themes, and has a11y issues; and we already use bold to indicate a mailbox that has new mail, and mailboxes can double up as folders, so that doesn't seem to work either. Perhaps a different icon? GTK_STOCK_GO_FORWARD would place an arrow pointing at the folder name--that should attract your attention! There doesn't seem to be a generic GTK_STOCK_ATTENTION icon ;-(



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