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Thanx for the hint. It works cooool:-)
I have (hopefully) only a last question: is it possible to compile only the aspell, gmime, libesmtp, libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui libraries into Balsa, so at startup Balsa doesn't reuqires these libraries in a separate directory. But the other libraries, like gtk, glib, i won't compile into.

Thanx for your assistance:-)

On 11/15/2005 02:38:18 PM, Daniel Tahin wrote:

I hadn't luck this time:-)) The config-file for libmutt was copied from the package, you gave me the link, and all other config files was generated by, i found in a newer cvs-version. I compiled the package from the link as well, but there was again a problem:-) Compiling the 2.0.18 version from cvs, with the libmutt-config-files copied from the link below, the compiler says:
[ snip ]
filter.c:630: warning: implicit declaration of function `g_ascii_strtoull'

Hmm...according to the Gnome website, that was introduced with Glib 2.2--that dependence should have been documented!

That piece of code seems to have gone from filter.c. You can probably replace g_ascii_strtoull with plain old strtoull or even atoll--they mostly give the same answer, and that piece of code is presumably reading an integer from the config file while restoring a filter, so you'd never notice if you don't use filters.



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