Re: Two questions: HTML and redirection to subfolders

Am 2005.11.13 23:31 schrieb(en) genbie:
Yes sorry I was not clear, I meant images within HTML.
I have used thunderbird for a long time and opened
messages (from 'trusted' sources like companies that I
subscribe to their news digests/alerts/etc.)
containing images everyday like those in ad banners
but did not think a lot about security risks. Is the
threat for real or is it just being extra careful on
the part of developers of e-mail clients that do not
allow for this feature? I may change my mind about
opening images but I just want to make sure that the
threat is real ;-)

I think it is. With every image you load from the web a bunch of data is sent to the host including your ip, your subscription-id, the time of viewing etc.

Especially spam is a problem because with that method the sender is able to see which mail really arrived a victim...

There was a discussion about adding a feature like "Load images for people in addressbook" or sth. like that but it was said that these mails should be viewed in a real browser...

> You don't have to export them. Just right-click your
> inbox (the folder you
> get your mails are transfered right now) -> "Edit
> Filters" and add them to
> the right side of the window.
> I still prefer procmail - it's just more powerful...
> :)

OK I failed with this method too :-( No errors, but it
did not direct the messages as deisred so I may give
procmail a go. Where can I start please?!

Okay first you have to write an own .procmailrc in your homedir. All your rules will be there. Now you have to enable "filter through procmail" in the pop3-settings of your server (if you use pop3...) and here you are...

Tutorials about the .procmailrc are 2 be found all over the web (just google for "procmailrc") and in "man procmailrc" ;)

But perhaps it is easier to ask someone else about the balsa filters (anybody?). A simple task like sorting mails into different boxes based on the subject or a header should work...


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