Re: Two questions: HTML and redirection to subfolders

Am 2005.11.13 16:19 schrieb(en) genbie:

I am a newbie to balsa and I have 2 questions:

1. Can I view HTML files embedded in e-mail messages
without having to right click on each message and
chose to open with an external broswer?

You can't see images that are not part of the mail but sourced from a website. This would be a great security risk - so it is forbidden. If you can't see _any_ html part try to unset "Preferences -> View -> Message -> Prefer text over html" (This is a loosy Translation from my German version - the real text could be read a bit different ;)

2. How can I automotaically redirect incoming messages
aimed for different e-mail accounts to their correct
subfolders? I tried to use filters but unfortunately
when I try to export a filter I get an error.

You don't have to export them. Just right-click your inbox (the folder you get your mails are transfered right now) -> "Edit Filters" and add them to the right side of the window.

I still prefer procmail - it's just more powerful... :)

I am impressed with how fast and lean balsa is but I
need to sort out these two issues please.

Tell it to all of your friends (and even your enemies... ;)

Many thanks.


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