Re: address book blues

On 05/06/2005 04:10:17 AM, Uroš Golja wrote:

I'm just starting to use balsa and I'm wondering how do I add/edit/erase contacts in the address book. I'd like do create some frequently used mailing lists as well. As far as I can tell, the address book support in balsa is very minimal. Do I need some external tools to edit the LDIF file? If so, where can I get them (I've been unable to find any). Do I really need to set-up a (local) LDAP server just to get the above-mentioned functionality?

For vcard address books, there's gnomecard (part of gnome-pim). I have an ancient gtk+-1.2 version, and a gtk+-2.0 version from cvs--Sebastian Rittau is keeping cvs up to date (currently requires gtk >= 2.4). But it doesn't handle LDIFs--anyone know of a good tool?


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