Re: Issues on converting from mbox to IMAP

On Jun 25, 2005, at 10:30 AM, Mişu Moldovan wrote:
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Annoying to me as a translator is the fact that marking some folders on the IMAP server as mailboxes with special functions (inbox, sentbox, trash etc.) doesn't change the displayed name automatically using the localized version. The "sentbox" in ~/.mail used to be "Trimise" in my localized Balsa, but the sentbox on the IMAP server remains "sentbox" even after explicitly marking it as "Trimise" with a blessed right-click. I've found the "Name" entry in the [mailbox-Sentbox] field of Balsa's preference file and edited by hand all the required fields, but it would have been nice if this have worked out of the box.

You can more easily set the name of any of the "special" mailboxes on its "Properties" dialog. But you're right, there's an inconsistency there: a localized name is set initially by the druid, but not transferred when a different mailbox is marked.

Another annoyance was that it doesn't seem to be a way to mark the "outbox" on the IMAP server as the special "outbox" for Balsa. A "mark as outbox" doesn't exist in the right-click menu for mailboxes. Is this by design? I don't really understand why the "outbox" must lie in the ~/.mail directory and "draftbox" is allowed on the IMAP server. However, this was also fixable by hand in the ~/.gnome2/balsa file.

That one has a long history--try searching the list. Briefly: imap servers are often remote and may not be available, and an unavailable outbox really hampers Balsa.

Other than that it was quite a smooth transition and Balsa looks and works as lovely as ever.


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