Re: Some reply bugs [was Re: New mails in mailboxlist]

În data de Ma 14 iun 05 la 14:25, Peter Bloomfield a scris:
On 06/14/2005 05:31:02 AM Tue, Misu Moldovan wrote:
[ snip ]
> A fix has been committed to cvs--please test it out!
> Peter

I get an error while compiling the latest anon cvs:

Sorry--I forgot to commit the header file! It's in cvs, but if you don't want to wait for the anon server to sync, this is the only change:

diff -u -r1.71 -r1.72
--- src/sendmsg-window.h        6 Apr 2005 00:36:42 -0000       1.71
+++ src/sendmsg-window.h        14 Jun 2005 11:16:59 -0000      1.72
@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@
         BalsaSendmsgAddress reply_to_info;
        GtkWidget *attachments[4];
+        gchar *in_reply_to;
        GtkWidget *text;
        GtkWidget *spell_checker;
        GtkWidget *notebook;

I haven't seen yet Pawel's fix in anoncvs but the above patch allowed me to compile the latest cvs snapshot. I've verified the bug in question and everything seems fine now. Problem solved, great job.

Thanks a lot, this problem was really bugging me...


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