Re: Re: Some reply bugs [was Re: New mails in mailboxlist]

În data de Mi 08 iun 05 la 14:49, Albrecht Dre a scris:
> Congratulations, this fixes the problems with "Sî" in
> ro_RO.ISO-8859-2 locale settings. The date is nicely displayed in
> the message box view and replying to such a mail is now possible.
> Great touch...
> I've tested at work with Debian sid and Balsa compiled from CVS.
> Without the patch the problems were reproductible, with the patch
> everything is just fine.

Ummm - I actually think Peter's approach (g_locale_to_utf8()) is the
better one. Did you test that one, too?

Cheers, Albrecht.

Peter's approach works too, I've just tested it on the same Sid machine at work with Balsa 2.3.3. When compiled from pristine sources it exposes the same problems with ISO-8859-2 locale settings for the mails written on Saturdays. With Peter's patch things are just fine.

Unfortunately I haven't received yet the mails from Balsa's mailing list until now, so I picked up the fix from the mailman archives on GNOME's website. Thanks Albrecht for alerting me. Thanks a million Peter for the elegant and concise solution.


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