Re: Re : Re : CVS HEAD: impossible to create filters [retrying]

On 07/12/2005 02:59:30 PM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
Hi Peter,
[ snip ]
When I go to the Inbox, if I do "Apply Now", the filters are not =20
applied if they are in the right part of the window (so selected for =20
this box). But they ARE applied if they are in the left part (so, not =20
selected for this mailbox).

Hmmm, yes...currently, "Apply Now!" applies all the filters in the left =20
side, whether or not they are selected, and none of the filters =20
attached to the mailbox.  That's probably not what a user expects.

Perhaps we should have an "Apply selected" at the foot of the left hand =20
list, which (what else?) would apply the selected filter(s) in that =20
list, and an "Apply" button along with the "Up" and "Down" buttons at =20
the foot of the right hand list, whichregardless of selection.



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