Re: Problem with Yelp

On 12/15/2005 05:15:55 AM, datenmull gmx at wrote:
hello everybody,

-- System Information:
Ubuntu 5.10
Kernel: 2.6.12-10-386

Balsa 2.3.3
Yelp 2.12.1

I just recently switched to linux so I am not even sure this is a
balsa or a yelp bug.

Balsa was installed via synaptic, and works, but I cannot access the
help file.
[ snip ]

It was a Balsa bug, fixed in version 2.3.5 (the current version is 2.3.7). If you want to fix it without waiting for an Ubuntu update, you could just grab the xml file from cvs <> and install it by hand.



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