Location of Filter settings

I was looking at the filters for the first time and was impressed by their usefulness and flexibility. It seems that they should have a higher profile. Specifically, the major customization options are under the "Settings" menu item, wheras the filters are tucked under "Edit".

Now, I've never been keen about putting preferences/settings/options under the Edit menu, but either way shouldn't these all be together? So what does the group think? Everything under "Edit", or under "Settings", or just leave it alone?

Note, the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines suggests:

The Edit menu contains items relating to editing both the document (clipboard handling, search and replace, and inserting special objects) and the user's preferences. Preferences are edited here rather than on a Settings menu, because:

* most applications' preferences windows are accessed via a single menu item, and single-item menus offer poor usability

* most applications already contain a suitable Edit menu.

So in Balsa's case, either way seems okay by them as I read it.

Ref. http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gup/hig/1.0/menus.html#menu-standard-edit

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