Re: [PATCH] Documentation for message window

On 08/18/2005 10:26:37 AM Thu, Craig Routledge wrote:
Hi all,

I noticed that the Message Window section of the help file was empty, so I wrote the included patch. I've also attached the necessary image files which go in doc/C/figures.

Thanks for the contribution!

By the way, when I select Help->Contents, I get the following errors in the invoking terminal window:

  Unmatched element: releaseinfo
  Unmatched element: pubdate
  Unmatched element: q

The elements appear to be valid.
Does anyone else see this, or is it just my setup?

No, I see those too. Comparison with the Gnome template suggests that releaseinfo is used out of context; pubdate is apparently no longer used, and q is an obsolete synonym for quote. I'll fix them when I commit the Message Window section.

BTW: does anyone know of a good tool for indenting these xml documentation files? Tidy -i -xml sort of works, but it chokes on the custom entities. I got the file into shape by replacing & by ZZ, indenting with tidy, then translating back, but that seems kinda kludgy. Any pointers?


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