Re: questions about getting balsa to compile

On 07/31/2005 05:26:46 PM, David A. Bauer wrote:
I just joined this mailing list, so hopefully I'll be able to post to it.

When I run configure it says "Could not find the file that is generated by gnome-libs install". It is supposed to be in /usr/local/lib. I don't know where this file come from or how to create it, so how do I create it??? How do I get balsa to install??? I'm lost, and there is nothing on the website so you can ask questions and find out about stuff. Please help.

Could you give some details about your setup, version of Balsa, etc.?

FWIW: I don't seem to have anywhere on my (FC4) system, and Balsa's scripts don't mention it. It must be needed by one of the standard tools--was that the first error message?


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